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Brief description about food & beverage service industry, its various sections and types. Food & beverage industry is usually defined by it output of products, to satisfy the various demands of food & drinks of people. Bu it doesn’t include the manufacturing of food & drink and its retailing. In today’s world, the food & beverage service industry has expanded a lot and now-a-days, as per calculation it is serving more than 100million meLOLOLOLOLOLOLThe time available for the meal • The turnover of customer expected • The type of menu presented • The cost of meal served • The site of establishment Food & beverage service can be looked at from the customer’s point of view. Essentially, the customer enters a food service area, orders or selects his/ her choice and then is served (the customer may pay either at this point or later). Food and beverages are then consumed, following which the area is cleared.

Broadly we can categorize the service methods in five types:

A. Table Service B. Assisted service C. Self- service D. Single point service specialized or in situ service

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