Quality guest service is possible, only when we will consider following aspects:

• Understanding and anticipating each guest’s wants and needs • Meeting and exceeding each guest’s wants and needs • Helping co-workers meet and exceed each guest’s wants and needs

Delivering quality service is not part of your job- it is your job. If it weren’t for guests, you would not have a job in the hospitality industry.

Benefits of Quality Service

When you deliver service, everyone wins. Who benefits from quality service?


Each guest arrives with certain concerns, emotions and expectations. By providing quality guest service, you have a chance to make the guest’s day- and stay- more enjoyable.


If you exceed guest’s needs, they’ll be more likely to return to the property, you have a direct impact on the property’s success.


When you do your job well, you make it easier for your co-workers to do their jobs well.

  • YOU

When you do your job well, you show co-workers and managers that you are a professional. Good work is often rewarded with compliments and good job reviews.

Skills for meeting and exceeding service expectations

Expectation: Personal Appearance

• Maintain neat, well groomed appearance. • Wear a clean, proper uniform. • Wear your nametag.

Expectation: Friendliness

• Smile • Greet guests and co-workers promptly and happily • Look guests and co-workers in the eye. • Expectation: courtesy • Give guests and co-workers your full attentions • Treat guests and co-workers with respect. • Call guests and co-workers by name.

Expectation: Concern

• Imagine how guests and co-workers see a situation. • Listen with empathy • Show sensitivity to guests’ and co-workers’ feelings.

Expectation: Flexibility

• Treat each guest and co-worker as an individual. • Welcome each guest as a new opportunity to provide guest service. • Offer creative solutions to meet guests’ and co-workers’ needs.

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